Unlock Peak Performance with our Revolutionary Mental Training App



TAP is a mental coaching app that accompanies athletes to bring their dreams to life and achieve their goals by helping them create their own personal mental training program.

With only 20 min a day, gain a competitive advantage and improve performance and results, all while taking care of your mental health. We use mindfulness and neuroscience tools designed to create purpose, increase focus, motivation and confidence, overcome mental and emotional challenges, build ownerships and discipline, improve recovery time and overall well being.




  • Improve performance & results
  • Increase focus, confidence & Motivation
  • Emotional management
  • Speed up recovery time
  • Reduce anxiety & stress
  • Clear planning & goals
  • Consistent quality training
  • Private streamline of communication with your coach (Personal level coaching)


  • Private streamline
  • Communication with player 
  • Personal level coaching
  • Impact & support players
  • Build trusted relationships
  • Reduce workload
  • Focus & attentive players during training sessions
  • More competitive players
  • Private streamline of communication with your coach (Personal level coaching)


  • Tailored full time mental program
  • New revenue stream 
  • Positive & winning culture
  • Higher retention rates due to Results
  • Recruit new players
  • Unified philosophy
  • Differentiation from the rest


I have known TAP for more than 2 years. I was determined to follow a training plan
combined with Mindfulness to be able to meet objectives and goals in my career as
Tennis player. TAP has helped me improve my performance, it has been a great pillar in my stage
as an athlete.


Professional tennis player in the ATP

TAP has taught me that everything is little by little, without rushing anything and doing the
necessary changes/adjustments day by day. The power of the mind is the most important thing in life
and a strong mind will help us to make an effort and be constant in training.
With TAP there have only been personal satisfactions and achievements.

Kevin Konfederak

Trainer of an ATP Professional Player

“Tap mindset is a great tool to be focused. Committing and trusting it, creates awareness on
how much you want to improve something. I would say it's a constant visualization of what
you can/will improve.”

Bruno Tiberti

Coach Division 1 College tennis

TAP is helping the academy in a positive way, I have noticed it in the behavior of
All athletes on and off the track have a positive attitude towards
competitive adversities.



TAP offers me a structure and clarity for my training and competition that I didn't have before.
They had. It helps me focus and be less distracted. Use breathing techniques
It helps in a positive way in my competition.



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